The Swiss Straw Foundation

What we can offer

We were founded to provide...

...the promotion of Straw Craft and associated activities.

We offer:

– Centre of documentation

– Research and development

– Education and training

– Assistance in cultivation and handling of straw

– Exhibitions and demonstrations

– Public relations and talks

– Development of co-operation

We can arrange:

- Exhibitions: Assistance, promotion and organisation of exhibitions in museums and elsewhere

- Courses and workshops: Assistance, promotion and organisation and support for courses and workshops

- Documentation: Sale or loan of literature and films on video, CD-ROM and DVD Brochures in German and French

- Demonstrations and talks: Are arranged, with agreement, according to your requirements

- Cultivation and handling of straw: We provide seeds, documentation and information, based on our experience of growing and harvesting straw

- Tools and Equipment: We provide assistance, information and contacts for sourcing straw work tools

- Financial Support for Courses: Please contact us!

Our cultural offers

Our Foundation can offer information for many aspects of traditional Swiss straw work.

- We can offer lectures, video presentations, demonstrations and workshops for groups of 10 to 25 people at an agreed venue. We offer presentations covering the History of the Swiss Straw Industry or Swiss Straw Work as practised today.

- We offer support to straw workers who want to share their skills, or develop their skills in order to help others learn the skills.

- We offer Consultation; Training/courses/guidance/films; Assistance with promotion; Assistance is obtaining materials and tools.

Please contact us!